Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Has Become Of Music???

I normally only listen to CD's and MP3 player because the music of today just doesn't do it for me. Today on my home, I decided to turn on the radio...BIG MISTAKE!!! I just can't believe this garbage passes for music. Nobody really sings anymore, everybody sounds the same and have any of these artists ever heard of instruments? Must everything be combined with tracks? Can I get a piano, a guitar, some horns, some strings something???? Music is no longer a's a money making machine. Back in the days of real music artist didn't make as much money as they do now but they put out a quality product. Music had passion and meaning. More importantly, it made the listener feel something, be it happiness, sadness, in love, out of love and more. You can tell the artists truly loved their craft and not just the perks that came along with it. When I hear the music today, I don't hear that love and passion for the craft, only love of money, fame and sex. I've heard some music (which shall remain nameless) that any self respecting artist should have felt ashamed to let it leave the studio. I would even steal any of the music let alone buy it. Now I do not condone bootlegging. I believe we should pay artists for their contribution, especially when it has true value. When I'm listening to my old school music I often find myself asking what has become of all of our true music heroes? Have they been completely ousted from the industry for which they laid the very foundation? Does the rest of the world miss them at all? I know I do. When I'm listening to Whitney, MJ, Aretha, Chaka, Donny, Marvin, Debarge, Tevin, Billie....just to name a few, I realize what a tremendous void there is in the music industry today. These are voices that move me and shake me to my core. We need real singers again and stat..... I am encouraged to see some of our artist returning to the scene but I wonder if they will be embraced as much as they should be. They deserves all the accolades that these so called artists get and more. I for one am going to do my part by being first to buy their CD's and being front and center at their concerts. I hope everyone else will do the same. We have to show all these artists that we love and appreciate them and their truly valuable contributions they've made to the world of real music. Old School Forever and hoping the Old School will finally take over the new school.....

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