Friday, July 16, 2010

Dancing A Jig??? Seriously???

Apparently the shenanigans continued at the Braves game that my department went to. The guy I mentioned in my blog titled Are We A Multi Cultured Society Or Are We Faking the Funk was apparently having a good time at the game and was dancing. I don't think I mentioned that I am his manager at work. To protect his identity I will him Patrick. Anyway, another manager came up to me today and said and I quote, "Patrick was having a good time at the game. He was dancing a jig" Dancing a jig? Seriously? In the year 2010, he tells me that someone was "dancing a jig"? How do you not know that reference is offensive and totally inappropriate? I was so taken aback, I was speechless. When I regained my ability to speak, I really didn't know what to say. There was no way for me to know what would trip off of my tongue so in the interest of maintaining professionalism, I didn't say anything. I really wish I had said something now. But based on what I know about this person, he would have simply pleaded ignorance which would have only pissed me off more. Dancing a jig.....It's not the damnedest thing I've ever heard but it's the damnedest thing I've heard today. For as far as we've come in some areas, we've travelled as far backwards in others. We will simply file this under #youareadumbass

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